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CIS Benefits

Our CIS services offer a wide range of benefits including:

  • Low weekly fees – only applied the weeks you actually work
  • No joining or leaving fee
  • Portable product – you can take our payroll services with you from contract to contract
  • No delay in payment as we have pay runs every day Monday through Friday
  • Dedicated Payroll Coordinator
  • Free text message payment notifications
  • Access to end of year accounting services
  • Insurance cover for your protection
  • Online portal accessible 24/7 to view your pay slip information
  • Assistance with obtaining Mortgages, Pensions, Life Insurance and other financial services that can be difficult to obtain when contracting
  • Access to our reduced rate Tax return Service
  • Access to our Tax Advisory Service to get all of your tax queries, whether personal or professional, answered

VAT Plus offers you some additional benefits, including:

  • An innovative package that may result in at least a 5.5% increase in your take home pay
  • No complicated registration processes – we handle it all for you
  • A complete VAT package which means you won’t have to spend any more time processing each receipt to calculate your VAT liability when you could be working
  • Low fees, from 1.5% of invoice value (in addition to the regular 3% Team construction fee), deducted from each invoice
  • No joining or leaving fee, just the same flexible, pay as you go service with added VAT enhancements
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