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Accountants in Sutton
Maze Accountants in Sutton provides a wide range of accountancy services including tax returns, annual accounts, payroll and bookkeeping. Maze Accountants in Sutton are a small part of the local Sutton community and we are very proud to be members of The Best Of Sutton:


We help a wide and varied range of small businesses including start-ups, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies who operate in many industries. We also assist Sutton Landlords with their accounting and tax requirements.

Maze Accountants in Sutton help small businesses

Many of the businesses we deal with like us to take care of the sometimes overly time consuming paperwork and compliance with complicated regulatory requirements, so that they can concentrate on what they do best – making money running their own business successfully.

We are extremely proactive in implementing tax saving opportunities for our clients so that any tax implications can be minimised wherever possible.

Our accountancy fees are agreed with our clients in advance highlighting our value for money. We also offer an easy payment option by monthly Standing Order to ease the cash flow.

Omid Nabbey, the principal accountant at Maze Accountants has been a qualified accountant for almost 20 years with various business experience behind him in the commercial business arena.  Having worked with many small businesses, he fully understands the challenges faced by small businesses and advises on business growth, in addition to preparing accounts and submitting tax returns.

At Maze Accountants, we provide an in-depth accountancy service to all types and characters of small businesses including start-ups, sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, so if you need help with your accounts or simply have an accounting query, turn to Maze Accountants who will be able to guide you.

Our office is now located in Banstead, just on the outskirts of Sutton and you are welcome to contact or call us on  020 8643 9633 for a free no-obligation discussion regarding your accounts.