A complete range of CIS Payroll solutions

Our CIS Payroll solutions, also known as Team Construction (CIS Payroll and CIS VAT Plus services) and Team Admin (CIS Umbrella PAYE), were developed based on our knowledge and expertise in the payroll industry. Our CIS Payroll solution was established in 2001, and, as our knowledge of the construction industry grew, alongside demand from our customers, we later developed our CIS Umbrella PAYE service, followed by our CIS VAT Plus service. Our aim is to provide a range of solutions to suit all needs.

Through all of our solutions we:

  • Take care of all invoicing, payments and administration on your behalf
  • Ensure that you retain your self-employed status
  • Verify your UTR number with HMRC
  • Make monthly tax declarations to HMRC for you
  • Deduct 20% tax from each payment (30% if no UTR number) in line with the CIS rules
  • Provide you with full Employers and Public Liability Insurance cover, offered by our brokers
  • Provide Site Accident Insurance to you via our broker