Sole Trader Payroll – the solution that’s simplicity itself

You work hard enough as it is – so why lumber yourself with the hassle of issuing invoices and chasing the money when our Sole Trader Payroll solution will do it all for you? We may also be able to save you money, as getting paid directly by an agency that takes PAYE deductions may mean paying more tax than necessary.

Finding the work, negotiating the rates, and putting in the hours is still up to you – but we take care of the rest. It’s quick, easy and economical:

  • We act as your payroll administrator and provide a range of back office services
  • Each week you just provide us with a copy of your timesheet
  • We then send an invoice to the agency or client to collect your fees
  • When we receive payment we send a remittance slip to you by email, and, to confirm payment, we also send you a text message as we release the payment to you so you know it’s on its way
  • The cleared funds are transferred directly into your bank account, or you can opt for payment by cheque
  • You receive the gross amount minus our small administration charge (from as little as £5 per week)
  • There are no set up or cancellation fees to our services

If you think this service sounds good, but you’d like a little extra help in taking care of your tax, VAT, annual self assessment tax returns and other filing, why not take a look at our Premium Solution.