Specialist Accountant for Limited Companies and Freelancers

How Can We Help?

Putting Your Mind At Ease


Maze Ltd is a specialist accountant for freelancers and limited companies, which provides services to contractors. By engaging our services you will be helped greatly with your limited company or umbrella company by being tax efficient and IR35 compliant, saving you time and money with no extra work.


We work with a range of clients to make sure that you are saving money across your business no matter if you are an umbrella company, a sole trader or a limited company. We offer a range of services including a no obligation call back or calculation assessing the operation of your limited company or umbrella company so that you can see how Maze can save you money from the outset and at a reasonable cost.


Why Choose Us

Engaging Maze couldn’t be easier and has benefited many limited companies over the 10 years we have been operating. We can offer you advice on IR35 accounting and on matters as specific as family protection.

Whether you are looking to overhaul the costs of your limited companies or bring your freelance costs into line, Maze can offer a range of services that are professional, legal and best of all transparent in price.


Saving You Money

Using our services your limited company can save on legwork and ultimately a lot of money in the long run.

This is because, once instructed, we will liaise directly on behalf of your limited company so you can spend more time investing in clients for your limited company.









We have no set minimum contracts at Maze so no matter whether you need a specialist to check you are IR35 compliant or ongoing use of our advice services for a limited company or an umbrella company, we can help!