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Sole Trader

Sole Traders – Maximise your money, minimise your hassle

Are you a Sole Trader, Self-Employed or an Independent Contractor? We’ve got payroll solutions we can tailor to suit your particular individual circumstances – they take a huge weight off your mind, save you loads of time, and help to make you financially better off.

Are you sick of:

  • Trying to work out what arrangements best suit your situation – when the authorities do their utmost to make self-employed tax as confusing as possible?
  • Spending hours on invoicing, chasing money and banking when you just want to concentrate on your job?
  • Wasting your precious free time on tedious book keeping while fretting about what expenses you can claim?
  • Managing the mountains of paperwork and wrestling with the yards of red tape associated with self-employment tax?
  • Living with the constant worry that if you, or a client, or even the taxman himself, makes a mistake, the loss, pain and expense will be yours?
  • Not sure if you are set up in the best way to maximise your income?

Then we have the answer. We know our way around the self-employed tax system – all the twists and turns, the ins and outs. So if you want to make the most of your hard earned money, but without all the worry, hassle and sheer hard work, then look no further than our payroll solutions.

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