Can I claim for Valentines Flowers?

Well, here’s a cheerful question! “Can I claim for Valentines flowers?” I’m sure it was just meant in jest when it was asked but believe me, some people will try and claim for absolutely everything! So is it a possible business expense?

So, here’s an “official” answer to whether you can claim for Valentines Flowers:

[box] If you give a gift to anyone who’s not an employee of the company, then so long as this gift is not food, drink, tobacco or vouchers, and so long as it costs less than £50 per recipient per year and is prominently marked with the company’s name (for example, a small desk diary embossed with the logo), then the company can claim tax relief on that gift.[/box]

But really the answer is “No, not really”. And why would you want to be so miserly as to try and claim for a bunch of flowers for your “loved one”?

Business expenses are varied and some may need clarification as to whether it is a legitimate business expense. If you’re not sure, you should seek clarification from an accountant (of course, please feel free to pose your business expense clarification question to us :))

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