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CIS Umbrella PAYE – how it works

This solution is great if you are new to contracting or if you do not have a self-employed status with HMRC.

Benefits of the CIS Umbrella service:

  • You work through a Ltd Company
  • You have an ‘Employed’ status – PAYE
  • Tax and NI are deducted on your behalf
  • You can gain Tax and NI relief on expenses every pay day
  • You are covered for EL and PL, offered by our brokers
  • No admin, no hassle, and very cost effective
  • No payroll or accounts knowledge needed
  • Text message confirmation on pay day
  • You don’t need to submit a tax return at the end of the year

What next?

  • You register with our CIS Umbrella PAYE service
  • We take care of all admin, invoicing and payments on your behalf
  • You submit your timesheets each week/month to us, we then invoice your client/recruitment agency directly
  • You submit your work related expenses to us at the same time as your timesheet – we will process your expenses against your payments to reduce your tax liability
  • We cover you from the first day of work (via our brokers) for Employers and Public Liability Insurance
  • We can offer access to a range of other insurances
  • We charge a small admin fee, only for the weeks you work
  • There are no hidden charges like set up or cancellation fees
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