Tax Return 2016 Online Filing

Online Tax Returns

Your online Tax Return can be submitted via the HMRC website. However, we can submit your Online Tax Return on your behalf and as we are super familiar with the process, you can leave your tax return submission in our safe hands.

Online Tax Return 2016

The process is very similar to completing a standard hard copy tax return – but offers several advantages.  

1. Online Tax Return – The Extended Submission Deadline

The most obvious advantage in filing online is the extended deadline – you have until 31st January 2017 to submit your return, giving you three extra months to gather information. If you file your tax return online and submitted your tax return by 30th December 2016, provided the tax that you owe is less than £2,000, you can opt for this to be collected through PAYE (and not all in one go).

2. Automatic Online Tax Calculation And Quicker Repayments

Except for the extended deadline, the two main advantages of submitting your tax return online are that your tax is calculated automatically as you fill in the tax return PLUS you receive a faster repayment, if HMRC owes you money.

3. Immediate Online Confirmation From HMRC

Once you’ve submitted your tax return online, you’ll receive a confirmation message at the end of the process, together with a reference number from HMRC. This may give you greater peace of mind than entrusting your paper tax return to the postal system.

4. Dynamic Personalised Tax Forms

HMRC’s online tax return program is a dynamic process and hides or displays sections depending on your responses given. If you fill in a paper tax return, there are likely to be sections you have to miss out as that section won’t be necessary, whereas these will simply not be visible if you file your tax return online.

The online process will also populate your online tax return with any information already held on you, for example – your address and National Insurance number.

During the online tax return submission process, you can save your tax return at any time and come back to it later. This is a great help if you don’t have time to complete everything in one go. If you happen to make a mistake when filling in an online tax return, HMRC’s dynamic software should also highlight this to you.

Maze Accountants in Banstead can help you with submitting your Tax Return online as we are very familiar with the process. We handle Tax Returns for many local individuals and businesses and would be more than happy to help you too. Simply contact Maze Accountants on 020 8643 9633 and one of our team will be pleased to help.