Submitting Your VAT Return

Is your accountant submitting your VAT Return or are you doing it yourself?

When it’s time to submit your VAT Return, does your accountant submit it on your behalf or do you submit your own VAT return?. At Maze Accountants, one of the services that we provide is submitting your VAT Return on your behalf. However, we thought we would highlight an example of a situation of submitting a VAT Return that took place recently for one of our clients.

Our client uses ClearBooks, which is a popular web based accounting software, and they had entered their sales invoices directly on to this platform. They had also provided us with all their purchase invoices and receipts to enter. Once this had been completed and it was time to submit their VAT Return, the figure was considerably higher than their typical VAT Return.

Now in some cases, an accountancy practice would simply submit the VAT Return as the figures provided because the figures don’t lie – surely? A VAT Return is obviously important to get right and to be submitted in a timely manner but as we are not involved in the business on a day to day basis, we thought this seemed odd to be such a sudden increase.

In this particular case, the figures were correct – as they should be – however, because we care about our clients, we didn’t merely submit the VAT Return as it was. A quick telephone call to our client to advise them of the increase in VAT, asking whether they were aware and if they were expecting this kind of increase in the VAT Return.

The client agreed that this is in line with what they were expecting and they were happy for us to submit this quarter’s VAT Return as it was. They thanked us for checking with them and for being on top of the situation.

This is the type of service that we are proud to be delivering for our clients as we genuinely do care about our clients and their businesses. We don’t just crunch numbers and submit VAT Returns just because that’s what the computer says – we take care to keep our clients informed and updated – especially when a situation like this arises.

If you’d like to benefit from a caring accountancy service who look out for you and your business, why not contact Maze Accountants on 020 8643 9633.