Christmas 2016 is nearly upon us and these last few weeks can rush by quite quickly. There’s all the additional activities that surround Christmas, like the office party, your business networking Christmas Party, the social activities of drinks with friends but prior to Christmas there’s also the build up to other activities on the calendar. Halloween at the end of October, Fireworks Night at the beginning of November and these can last a little longer than just the one night as parties are arranged on weekends either side of the actual date and so on.

You’ll have Secret Santa at work, in addition to your own Christmas present buying plans for your close family and friends. So before you know it, the business will be winding down for Christmas, suppliers will be winding down for Christmas, and work activities will be slowing gently in preparation for the Christmas closure. Does your business open again for the days in between Christmas and New Year? Typically skeleton staff are required to cover phone calls and respond to emails maybe on a rota system, or do you opt to have phones on divert to a telephone answering service whilst emails are handled by your smartphone and tablet?

However, don’t leave your Christmas planning until the last minute, which may seem quite obvious – however – as I’ve already said the time flies by quickly with everything else that is going on.

Make the most of the special offers, the deals that are available and why not speak to your family to combine purchases on 3 for 2 offers, to take advantage of more expensive gifts.

And don’t forget to enjoy the Christmas festivities with your friends and family. It’s a big build up but should also be an enjoyable time of year.