#CycleToWorkDay - Cycle To Work Day 2016

Okay, so today (14th September 2016) is Cycle To Work Day #CycleToWorkDay

For those of you that commute to work, did you manage to get involved with Cycle To Work Day?

Omid Nabbey writes: “Personally, my commute to the office is about 20-25 seconds. I have to leave my front door, walk across the drive and then follow a path up to our purpose built ‘log cabin’, where the magic happens for Maze Accountants. Although I will get on my bike later to get involved in #CycleToWorkDay.”

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For the rest of the team it is a different story, today Vickie is working at one of our clients in Sutton, processing their invoices, which is a weekly activity for her. Katie is on site with another client in Cheam and Rob is also here at Maze HQ in Banstead (trying to keep cool). Rob had considered cycling to work but as he said “It would be fine for the journey home as it’s all down hill or flat but on the way here, it’s quite the opposite – and I’m simply not fit enough. Oh yes and I hurt my knee… and my bike has a puncture… and my dog chewed my homework.” (plus several other excuses – he doesn’t even have a dog, or a bike, or a … you get the picture)

On yer bike

So for those of you who have got on your bike today to get to work, we congratulate you for getting involved in the #CycleToWorkDay. It’s another hot day and cycling can be a challenge (for some) when it’s not hot, so remember to keep well hydrated and be safe on the roads.

For those of you who did not cycle to work and drove their car or van, please keep in mind those who are cycling to and from work as some cyclists may not be as confident as others (especially if they are cycling just for today). And please don’t get frustrated with the cyclists if you feel that there are more cyclists on the road than usual today. At least they have got on their bike and got involved in #CycleToWorkDay.