The New Polymer £5 Note Launched

So, have you seen or even handled a new polymer £5 note yet?

New Polymer £5 Note launches in September 2016.

I am yet to get my hands on one of the New Polymer £5 Note. Actually I haven’t even seen one at the time of writing. I must get along to the local bank or post office to see if I can get one of these new £5 notes.

Of the old £5 notes – 21,835 were replaced in 2015 due to damage. Of those 21,835, bizarrely 5,354 were chewed or eaten??? Surely, if you’re hungry – I would be almost 100% positive that any food that was purchased with a £5 note would be more tasty and  satisfying than actually eating a £5 itself. Or is that just me? Okay, so I’m sure that is probably a dog or another animal instead of a human being but nevertheless you’d want to look after your money and keep your money in better shape?

The new polymer £5 notes are expected to last 2.5 times longer than the old paper £5 notes. Polymer is stronger than paper and so will withstand the numerous folding, cramming into wallets and purses or stuffing into pockets over its lifetime.

The launch of the new Polymer £5 note

Yes, the new £5 note is in general circulation (as of 13th September 2016) after it’s launch in June 2016. The old £5 note will no longer be legal tender come May 2017. But what of the £10 note and £20 note? Well, the new polymer £10 note will enter circulation in the summer of 2017 and there will be a wait of a couple of years until the new polymer £20 note enters circulation, which will be by 2020.

So, will the new polymer material for the £5, £10 and £20 note be easier to launder? Oh ha ha ha… 🙂

Wait a minute – what about the lovely but not as common £50 note?

At the time of writing, there are no plans to replace the paper version of the £50 note. But watch this space as we will update this section when more news is released.

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